Way Too Tan Bro

This bro got too tan while surfing, skateboarding, or whatever it is bros do and now he’s showing off at a party. His white collar provides some nice contrast to his the brown glow he achieved from reaching tanning nirvana. I think normally people’s skin tone isn’t darker than their hair color, but this guy […]

Way Too Much Tanning!

This guy is going to be in pain for about a month after spending all day in the sun and getting the worst sunburn/tan ever. His whole body is going to start peeling off after tanning that much, because this might be a third degree sunburn. At least his friends had the common courtesy to […]

A really tan person or a life sized doll?

I have no idea what to call this image, I’m blown away. Either this is a person that spent way too much time spraying on fake tanner, doing makeup, setting up lighting, and photoshopping the photograph, or this is a life sized barbie doll with a bad batch of paint.

They Don’t Look Too Thrilled

Those two girls don’t look all that happy that they are forced to hang out with that extremely tan guy. I have to give him credit for how even his tan is, but I don’t think it’s helping with those girls. That one girl looks almost scared of his tan.

Snookie’s Trademark Tan

The entire cast of MTV’s Jersey Shore has a lifetime membership to Way2Tan.com, but in this photo Snookie has proven herself to be way 2 tan as her skin almost matches her dress. I think that she forgot about the G and L in GTL and decided to spend all of her time in the […]

Her Face Looks Splotchy

This girl decided to apply her fake tanner in the dark because she obviously missed a few spots on her face. Like I always say, the only thing worse than a fake tan is a badly applied fake tan. She might want to spend less time practicing her duck face and learn how to get […]

What Were They Thinking?

I don’t know what either group of people in this photo were thinking, the guys because they decided to sport those awful fake tans and the girls for even being seen with those idiots.

What is He Thinking?

I don’t have any idea what this guy was thinking when he decided to take this photograph with that girl. Her hair is one of the ugliest things I’ve ever seen and I don’t even have the words to describe how I feel about her face and tan. Word to the wise, tanning this much […]

His Face is About to Fall Off

This old guy must be super rich because she doesn’t seem to mind his hideous fake tan. His tan starts to fade off as it goes down his neck so I hope that next time he does this he can go for the full body fake tan.

Who Started This Style?

I really want to know what sparked the guido revolution so that when I eventually build my time machine I can go back in time and stop it. The fake tan with the spiked out hair is one of the stupidest styles I’ve ever seen. I don’t even know who would think that looking exactly […]