Q. Why create the site?
A. Because I’ve witnessed people become too tan and they needed to be made fun of.
Q. Does tanning make you look better?
A. Up to a point it does, but if you continue tanning past that point you will look increasingly stupid.
Q. Can anyone post on Way2Tan.com?
A. Yes. As long as the photo isn’t copywrited and the subject isn’t albino.
Q. Where do you find these people?
A. They can be seen in their natural habitats all over the world ranging from tanning salons to sandy beaches.
Q. One of my friends got extremely sunburned, is this the best way to humiliate them?
A. Aside from slapping their sunburned area and creating a hand print I’d say that posting their photo on Way2Tan.com is the best way to remind someone to use sunscreen next time.
I hope you enjoy the site and always remember to enjoy the sun responsibly.