This website is all about people who think that being pale is worse than death, that fake tans look good, and that no matter what, you can never get way too tan.
Feel free to browse the photos of people that have become too tan, gotten burned in their quest to become tan, or decided to take the easy route and use a spray or lotion to appear tan, all with hilarious consequences.
This website thrives on its submissions, so please feel free to submit anyone you feel might have gotten too tan, even yourself, we appreciate any help.
Thanks for visiting, I hope you enjoy the sun responsibly.
We had our ‘lawyer’ draft up a Privacy Policy and our Terms of Use, but I don’t think we should pay him. I’m pretty sure his legal degree is just as fake as his doctorate.
As far as copyrights go, feel free to take whatever pictures you want, except our logo. I would like my writing to remain my own as well, but you wouldn’t really want my writing anyway so I think that’s a pretty fair deal.