They Don’t Look Too Thrilled

Those two girls don’t look all that happy that they are forced to hang out with that extremely tan guy. I have to give him credit for how even his tan is, but I don’t think it’s helping with those girls. That one girl looks almost scared of his tan.

Snookie’s Trademark Tan

The entire cast of MTV’s Jersey Shore has a lifetime membership to, but in this photo Snookie has proven herself to be way 2 tan as her skin almost matches her dress. I think that she forgot about the G and L in GTL and decided to spend all of her time in the […]

Her Face Looks Splotchy

This girl decided to apply her fake tanner in the dark because she obviously missed a few spots on her face. Like I always say, the only thing worse than a fake tan is a badly applied fake tan. She might want to spend less time practicing her duck face and learn how to get […]